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Where to Go Scuba Diving in Thailand

Publié par Chris Hooge sur 17 Avril 2017, 08:07am

Catégories : #scuba diving, #Thailand

Thailand is among the most exciting countries to visit. It is world famous for its shopping places, famous casinos, elephant rides, naughty shows among other sites. Thailand also offers great scuba diving areas with its stunning Andaman Sea in the southern coasts, and the Similan Islands up further north.

The best months to go to Thailand is October until April because beyond that, the rainy season could ruin your trip. Although if you insist to go diving from May to September, you can do so at the Gulf of Thailand on the eastern side but you may not see the same beautiful corals found on the its west coast.

Being a tropical country, the sea temperature in Thailand don’t change as drastically as those in temperate regions. The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius.

Here are some of Thailand’s most popular scuba diving sites:

Hin Mouang – this site is famous for its pelagic fish, making it among the most famous sites in Thailand. The site features breathtaking underwater peaks, large fish shoals, pretty carpets of anemone, gigantic corals, gorgonia, and other spectacular sights. This site is notorious, however, for its large bryazoan, which could impede your enjoyment.

Hin Daeng – this site is quite close to Hin Mouang and thus has similar features. The common creatures you would see here are morays, octopi, shrimps, crayfish, gray reef sharks, leopard sharks, and barracudas. There also some manta rays, whale sharks and nurse sharks if you are lucky.

Koh Kraden Wreck – this site just off Koh Kraden Island’s coast is famous or a sunken Japanese destroyer. Though the boat may not be recognizable, it has become a breeding ground for great flora and fauna. Expect to see sea horses, giant morays, soft corals, lion fish, and great schools of fish.

Koh Dok Mai – this site is very famous for night scuba diving. The great rocky island provides a very colorful view of small caves and huge caverns. There are many great lobsters, moray eels, leopard sharks, sea snakes in this diving site’s sloping reefs.

Breakfast Bend – this is one of the most famous sites in Similan Island, known for its turquoise and crystal clear water that allows great visibility of copious schools of fish. It is called breakfast bend because people usually take this as the first diving site, usually after breakfast. Expect to see leopard sharks, barracudas, surgeon fish, morays, trigger fish, scorpion fish, glass fish, emperor angelfish and other schools of fish.

Thailand is a great scuba diving site. Consider going there on your next trip.

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