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Sports Blog of Chris Hooge

The quality of your life depends on you! Start your trainings, diet or building of perfect body with our advice.

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  • How Citrus Juices Can Help Benefit Health

    17 avril 2017 ( #citrus juice, #health )

    Citrus juice has a lot of benefits to offer that cannot be provided from other fruit juices. It is their high concentrations of Vitamin C which makes them highly desirable and beneficial to our health. Human beings are one of the few species that is unable...

  • Where to Go Scuba Diving in Thailand

    17 avril 2017 ( #scuba diving, #Thailand )

    Thailand is among the most exciting countries to visit. It is world famous for its shopping places, famous casinos, elephant rides, naughty shows among other sites. Thailand also offers great scuba diving areas with its stunning Andaman Sea in the southern...

  • No Equipment? No Problem. Nine(9) Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Now!

    17 avril 2017

    Think a bodyweight only workout is for beginners? Think again. They can be challenging and convenient if you don’t have access to weights. Here are a few scenarios where a workout like this might come in handy: Your back is sore and you’re not lifting...


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